..”in the past I would avoid the drive-thru because I didn’t like ordering over the intercom and now I’m doing it more often. I sometimes have a small block when ordering but the positive side is that ever since speech therapy with Mr. Gibbons it’s helped me do things that I would never do. In the past I would have somebody order for me”.

-M. P.  22 years old

“I now control my speech better and know how to use it. I’m not so much afraid of what people might say or think. I’ve improved speaking more fluently and I’m more prepared for different situations where I have to talk”

-P. R. 12 yrs old

“A year ago she couldn’t say a word with out stuttering. She has improved more with Tom then ever before and she sees it”. “We watched a Christmas video from the previous year, wow what a difference”

-Mother of a 9 year old girl