As featured in the Orlando Sentinel newspaper, Orlando Stuttering Center and speech therapist Tom Gibbons were profiled in an article written by journalist Martha Phifer titled "Take Control of Stuttering" in July 2008.

The article was recently awarded First Place in the 2009 Awards for Excellence in news reporting in October by the Stuttering Foundation of America.

Welcome to the Orlando Stuttering Center, Central Florida’s Speech and Language facility specializing in Stuttering and Fluency disorders providing stuttering therapy for clients ranging from preschool through adults. The Orlando Stuttering Center was established in order to serve people who stutter and their families in the Central Florida area. Through individualized speech therapy and implementing strategies to manage stuttering behaviors, our clients become more confident in their abilities to overcome stuttering.

Our Mission         
We exist to help our patients manage and overcome not just their stuttering but the fears and worries that come along with it. Managing speaking situations at work or school, reading, phone calls, ordering food in a restaurant, etc. LIVE LIFE MORE CONFIDENTLY! Our goal is to treat each person individually, not just the disorder, but the whole person.


The cause of stuttering is not known;
what I DO know…….I Can Help.

Channel 13 News Clip The Kings Speeach
2011 Oscar Winning Movie for Best Picture "The Kings Speech" has stirred interest and awareness about stuttering around the nation. Locally, Tom Gibbons, Director of the Orlando Stuttering Center, was recently interviewed after the film's winning night about the impact of the feature film whose leading character struggled with the disorder.

Orlando Stuttering Center was featured in the July 2011 issue of Orlando Family Magazine highlighting the special needs of children in the Central Florida area. Click below to read the online magazine issue and learn more about the help available throughout the Central Florida area through the Special Needs Directory.

FOX 35 TV News- Good Day Orlando 2013

Tom Gibbons, Director/Therapist of the Orlando Stuttering Center was recently invited on the Good Day Orlando morning show on two occasions.

Once to discuss the relationship between stuttering and singing.

On another occasion to provide insight on how the sound and perception of one's voice has the potential to impact a career. 

Stuttering and Singing - How they relate
March 2013
How the sound of your voice can iimpact your career- April 2013
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